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Interesting Tools in a New Place

Webchemy is a cross-platform web and mobile-app for creating idea sparking sketches.

Based on the desktop application Alchemy, Webchemy takes some of its drawing tools and brings them to the web & mobile devices.

Webchemy isn't just a web app that runs on your desktop computer or laptop.

You can also make full use of it on your iPad, iPhone, Android via the browser.
No matter what your form factor - large screen, mobile touch screen, mouse, pen tablet - Webchemy won't become awkward to use.
Open Source

What's better than a free tool? One that you can change, add to, and learn from. Thus Webchemy is licensed under GPLv3, which gives you access to its source code and thereby enables you to change any part of it as you like.

You can get the source code here:

Let Your Ideas Evolve

Webchemy is great for generating new ideas, but at some point it's better to take your concepts and let them evolve within other tools (maybe even one that you created yourself). That's why you can export your creations as PNG and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

I hope you enjoy Webchemy!
Some community videos:
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